New Camera Who ‘Dis

As you can see from the new content that I haven’t been shooting models much.  I’ve really been enjoying shooting film.  One of my goals for the year is to eventually learn color.  I say eventually because I feel like shooting more black and white before stepping in to color.  Thinking about publishing a mini-book.  Until I work on a theme, I’m going to keep shooting hoping I stumble on a theme.

A Little Behind

I’m a little behind on posting photos.  Check out my instagram for recent updates.  Here are some shots from Downtown Phoenix.  I’ve noticed I enjoy shooting landscapes and architecture more with film rather than digital.  I’m not sure if it is just composing on a ground glass viewfinder vs eye piece, but it feels like the digital never had the resolution.  Anyways, here are some shots while wandering.  Cameras are an excuse to explore and see things you never really noticed, but were always there.


Ever heard of the shoulder touch

These were photographed in Sedona with the lovely April.  It’s always fun hiking and shooting with her.  During the shoot, a daddy long legs spider was crawling on my shoulder.  My eyes can’t focus that closely so I just saw a spider crawling on my shoulder and I didn’t exactly panic, but cool and calm wouldn’t have been an accurate description.  Later in the shoot, there was a giant spider, definitely not a daddy long legs on the ground.  April thought it was dead and decided to poke the spider repeatedly.  I’m not sure if it was actually dead or if the spider just couldn’t believe a human was poking it.  Anyways, here are some shots from that day.



Just walking with a camera changes how I see everything.  I focus in on texture, light, shape, and shadow.  I saw these buildings and they definitely look futuristic, but that dystopian style that made me feel like I wasn’t a part of that future.  Without anyone around, it definitely felt ominous.  I definitely recommend taking a trip and feeling the vibe of a building.



Decided to head to Arcosanti today.  Some fun wandering around.  Apparently walked too close to the territory of a hawk.  It dived at me a few times.  I could hear the woosh of the air under its wings.  It was giving me a warning.  If it had wanted to mess me up, it could have done some damage.